The Old Exchange is a ‘must-see’ for all Charleston visitors. During your visit, you will discover this building’s integral role in our country’s quest for independence and its important service to our young nation.

While many of the historic buildings in Charleston are residences and focus on prominent families of the city, the Old Exchange began its existence as a public building and remains so today. Owned by the South Carolina Society of the Daughters of American Revolution, the Old Exchange offers public tours of its three floors that highlight various aspects of Charleston history during the Colonial and Revolutionary eras and put into context the people and events of the period.


Is the Old Exchange Building a fancy architectural jewel designed to house 18th-century assemblies? Or is it the ghoulish prison of the Revolution, the place where the martyr Isaac Hayne spent his last night? Or is it the place where George Washington greeted his fellow citizens? And there is no question that slaves were sold for close to a generation next to the very balcony from which the Declaration of Independence was read. (more)


We heartily believe in the importance of a well-rounded education. To that end, The Old Exchange has developed a selection of diverse educational programs to highlight and reinforce various aspects of 17th and 18th century Colonial history, Revolutionary War history, the history of the United States Constitution, and for fun, a bit of Charles Town pirate history.
Education Programs
Thousands of students from around the area visit the Old Exchange each year as part of their core curriculum. What better way to reinforce history learned in the classroom than to visit the Old Exchange and be actively engaged in learning during one of our Educational Programs. (more)