The Old Exchange has developed a selection of diverse educational programs to highlight and reinforce various aspects of 17th and 18th century Colonial history, Revolutionary War history, the story of the South Carolina Constitutional Convention, and for fun, a bit of Charles Town pirate history.

Thousands of adults and students visit the Old Exchange each year for educational programs. What better way to reinforce America’s unique history than to visit the Old Exchange and be actively engaged in one of our Educational Programs. A variety of programs are available that correlate with South Carolina State academic standards, as well as for adults interested in American history. Please make your reservations as early as possible.

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The tour highlights events in both Charles Town’s and the building’s history, and includes a spine-tingling visit to the Provost Dungeon. Upon request, tours can emphasize any number of subjects including Pirates, Palladian architecture, George Washington’s visit or the Revolutionary War. Each program is geared to the age and special needs of your group.
1 hour Call for prices

Students hear stories of pirates of long ago while touring the building. Through hands-on activities students will create their own pirate image. This program also includes a tour of the Provost Dungeon.
1 hour Call for prices

PIRATE SCAVENGER HUNT (Grades 1-8)Black Beard
Students discover Charleston’s pirate history by searching for clues in the nearby historic district. Small groups “navigate” the streets and alleyways by using a detailed map and set of instructions.
90 min. Call for prices

Students learn about the lives of children during colonial times by playing with the toys of 18th century century, examining items that would be part of every colonial home (that may look a little strange to us),while hearing about customs and family of long ago.
1 hour Call for prices

Follow in the footsteps of our first President, seeing the same sites he visited during his week-long stay in 1791. A detailed map and set of instructions guide you through the historic district and return you to the Exchange.
90 min. Call for prices

Includes the Old Exchange Building and The Powder Magazine. The program will start by exploring the Old Exchange while learning the important role the building played during the revolutionary war. After touring the Exchange you will begin your scavenger hunt through Charleston’s historic district. Halfway through the hunt you will enter The Powder Magazine where you will be given a tour of the museum by another period dressed interpreter.
2 hours Call for prices

Students step back in time to celebrate a Charleston Colonial Christmas. Students learn of holiday traditions and create a pomander, a traditional colonial decoration.
1 hour Call for prices

1 hour

Pioneers, Pirates and Patriots

The Powder Magazine, Heyward-Washington House, and Old Exchange & Provost Dungeon

Start at the Old Exchange, exploring the British provost (dungeon) where American Patriots were kept during the Revolution. Learn about the Charleston Tea Party, George Washington’s visit, and see where South Carolina ratified the U.S. Constitution. Next, your group will engage in a colonial/American Revolution themed scavenger hunt through Charleston’s historic district discovering locations and objects relevant to the early history of this city, state, and nation. Along the hunt, you will experience a tour of the Heyward-Washington House where you will learn of Declaration of Independence signer Thomas Heyward Jr.’s role during the Revolution, as well as the stories of other patriots such as Christopher Gadsden and Francis Marion. The scavenger hunt continues to the Carolinas’ oldest public building, The Powder Magazine. With the help of a colonial costumed interpreter, you will learn of “Charles Towne’s” earliest geography and inhabitants and why this colonial town’s powder magazine was an essential part of its survival.
3 hours
Call for prices


Patriot’s Day

Become a patriot for a day! The program begins in the great hall of the Old Exchange where students will learn to dance the minuet and then travel to the dungeon. At the Powder Magazine you will be recruited into the Patriot forces. Sign your enlistment papers, make a musket cartridge and learn drills. The journey continues to the Heyward-Washington House where you meet Hannah, an indentured servant. Hannah tells you of her daily life in the work yard and throughout the home. Designed to compliment the Why America is Free Curriculum, this is a true extension of your classroom hosted in historic Charleston.
3 hours
Call for prices





Please register your group prior to your visit. If you wish to request a tour or educational program, please submit this form at least three weeks in advance. Your request will be reviewed for availability and our staff will contact you within two business days.

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